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Today I’m going to show how to share Google Drive Video on website or any others place.

You can host video files on Google drive then share on your website, because video file hosting in Website root folder slow down your website, you need always use separate hosting or file sharing service to share your video, because video files need fast loading web hosting and encoding and streaming from the server.

First ready your video file on desktop computer, then upload to Google Drive using web browser.

video file

Then you need to logon to your Google drive from the web browser or if you try from phone you can use app, or if you already installed Google Sync and Backup software on PC you can simply copy video file to the Google Drive Folder.

Google Drive New Button

Click New button when you are going to upload from Web browser. Then click File Upload option, then will open file open dialog box, select video file and press Open button.

file uploading

Video file upload start like this, if your video file is big it takes times, need fast internet connection to fast upload.

Video file google drive.png

After upload video you can see video file as above with thumbnail, Now we are completed first step.

Then we are going to share this video as public, then we can add this video to our web site or share with friends.

Google Drive Right click video file.png

Then right click on video file, then you can see above option in right click menu on Google Drive.

Choose “Get Shareable link” option, then you will see following option window.

Share Google Drive File.png

Click Sharing settings option from this popup window,

Then following option window will appear.

share option.JPG

You can see lot of options, click “Advanced’ option bottom of the window.

advance share.JPG

In Advanced sharing Settings window we can everything we want

First box show Link to the share file.

Then “Who Has Access” option has 3 option.

Click Change button

who can access.JPG

Link sharing, Who Can Access

You can select three options, if you need to share with only friends you can select “Off – Specific  People” then you can mention people by typing their email address.

If you want share with anyone with Link, then select “On – Anyone with the link” option. Then only can video file who get link from you.

First option “On – Public on the Web” this option suitable for video share on public web site. Anyone can access.

No need logon, any one can access on the internet. You need use this option when you embed video on website.


Under Access option you can choose three options.

Can Edit

Can Comment

Can view

If you want only to play this video on website, you can select “Can View” option.

After choosing your option then press Save button.

share link

Then right click on link then copy and paste. To direct link to video file

Embed Google Drive Video on Website

After copy video link, past on new tab of your web browser.

Then you can see video as YouTube player.


Top right corner you can see three dots, click on there then will popup option box, click Embed item option

Then following box will appear.

embed code.JPG

You can see Embed code as HTML code. Copy this code then past in to your website.

Its simple steps you can easily share Google drive video on website or share with friends and clients on Social media platforms.


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