All about Google Drive Basic and Features

All about Google Drive

You can share your working files such as word documents, excel files, presentations, PDF files, If you are designer you can share Photoshop documents, Illustrator, CorelDraw files, InDesign files and many more. Video files sharing, music audio files sharing. Also you can store and share software and exe files, scripts and coding. Sometimes Google drive not allow share some files exe detect as virus. If you need store and share some software or exe files, scripts you can zip file using password. Then Google drive can’t access inside of the file and read file content. Then you can share files even not allowed from google drive.

What is Google Drive

About Google Drive

Google Drive is file storage and file sync server develop by Google. From 2012 to present.


Find Google Drive on

Google Drive website

Google Drive Download

Google Drive on Twitter

Google Drive on Twitter

Google Drive on Apple App Store


Google Drive App Store

Google Drive on Android Play Store

Google Drive Android App

Google Drive is Downloadable software and app. You can download to your Windows System, Linux, Mac and mobile OS, android and iOS etc.

You can download Google Drive here

Google Drive personal business


There are two options actually two plan if you are going to use Google drive for home desktop commuter and on your mobile you need to go Personal. Personal is backup and sync your computer, phone, camera SD, USB drive files. It’s useful to protect your files from missing and damages. Sometimes your camera, SD Cards, USP pen drives, can lost, Hard disk damage and sometimes get virus attack and lost or damage your local copy of files, some times you can use data recovery tools or service, but its paid and can’t guaranty 100%, but you can recover from google drive later with new device. It’s worth Gold. Sometimes photographers and personal family memories video, photos can’t get back. It’s worth to protect using Google drive.


Next option is Business – Its support to file streaming, its mean you don’t need to download files or sync, you can directly access your Google drive files from any Mac computer, Windows Computer or large display in business meeting or office when work with team or show something to group of people. It’s not use Hard disk drive space only stream files to your web browsers. You can open office documents, PDF files, Excel sheet, presentations, Images, Video etc.  you can share file easily with your business partners and clients for any purpose. It will help to easy your work.


Click download button to download the Google Drive software. It shows popup as like this

Google Drive Download

Click Agree and Download button to download, actually Google Drive name changed to Backup and Sync few months ago. Now it shows as Backup and Sync from Google on Start menu.

Google Drive Start Menu

Google Drive on Notification Area

Next business plan, when you click download button its redirect to another page like this

Google Drive for business

There are lot of instructions to company IT administrators to learn and how to go through process.

Supported Operating systems, web browsers and how to install and configurations.

Download Google Drive for Company

Download for Windows and Mac OS, file streaming installation files. And how to configure it.

To access Google drive you need Google account, when you click go to Google drive it show login page to Google all Products.

Google Drive Login

Then you need give email and password if you don’t have account you need create account.

After login it show like this

Google Drive Introduction

Safe Storage for all your files, 15GB free storage, actually first stage Google Drive only give 5GB free, then they give 15GB Free. Now it’s worth to store your phone and PC data files.

Google Drive web interface

You can see left top side New plus button, then my Drive folder all in there.

Computers – it shows every computer connected to this Google drive account with Google Backup and Sync software.

Shared with me – this folder show other people shared google drive files, sometime your friends, client, workers can share there Google drive files with you by entering your email address. That shared files show in here.

Recent – this show your last worked, uploaded files to easy access,

Starred – this show your starred files and folders, specially you can mark files and folders for easy access.

Trash – this show deleted files from your Google drive, you can delete files from Google Drive PC software or from website drive. All deleted files store here. If you delete file from PC its delete from the Google drive on website, its mean sync.

If you want remove file only from PC to get more space from Hard disk you need to get Google Drive PC software, you can access from notification area of your pc,

Go to preferences then choose what files need to sync by ticking, if you don’t want folder or file to sync then you need remove tick and save. After you save settings, tick removed files or folder will remove from your pc but will not remove from your Google drive on the web site.


Sometimes you can work offline on Google chrome browser, Google Sheet documents, word documents it saves on browser Google drive app, after connect internet it will sync with your drive. But some function not available.

Google Drive offline

To start working on upload new files you need click New plus button on Google drive, then show list like this, you can see options like this

Google Drive New Button

Folder – you can create new folder, after click this ask name for folder and save it

File upload – using this option you can upload files from your pc but can’t choose folder, if you need upload pack of files or folders you need zip as file, then you can use this option to upload as file.

Folder upload – using this option you can upload directory of folders and subfolders. Before choose set of folders, you need first check size of folders and how many files and subfolders inside. If you choose big directory of folders, it takes too time and data to upload. Always careful uploading set of folders.

Google Docs – this is like Microsoft word; Google provide free office software as Google product. You can use Google doc to create word documents, it’s totally free but you need internet connection to work on this, sometimes you can work offline chrome web browser after add google doc app to browser. But you need connect internet to use more features on that online application.

Google sheet – it’s like Microsoft excel; you can do most of things doing on excel software. You need connected to internet work on this web application.

Google Slides – it’s like Microsoft PowerPoint. You can do lot of thing as Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentation and more.

Google Drive New Button More Options

You can see Google Forms, Google Drawings, Google My Maps, Google sites, this is all are apps provided by Google.

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