The new Facebook privacy to protect user’s privacy

Facebook is the leading social media phenomenon in the world. Everyone knows what Facebook is, and everyone has one! There are variety of reasons why people are in Facebook, some uses Facebook to say what they couldn’t say, some to show the world what they have in life, some are transacting their business in Facebook, and there are also those who just loves to tell the world what they are up to in their daily lives.
Due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, Facebook settings are changed to comply with the online privacy requirements. It enables users to know exactly what they are authorizing Facebook to do, and to give consent. It is quite important though to know what effects your choices have. Without knowing it, your privacy could have been violated.
Starting in Europe, Facebook will ask users to decide whether or not they want to see targeted ads that are related to their given information about their views regarding politics, religion and relationship. Users have the option to delete this information if they wanted to.
European Union and Canada users will be prompted to choose if they want the feature facial recognition or not. If you are a private person, then this modification will surely work for you, but you can turn it back on if you like.
The Facebook service and data policy terms have been updated, and the users will be asked to agree to the terms. Face it, only a few number of people do go through the terms policy to read and understand. But it is quite important to take time to understand what you are getting into it so there will be no misunderstanding later on. And besides, in reality, you only have two options with this: either you accept the new terms and policy, or you delete your profile. The choice is pretty obvious, right?
Children in all ages know Facebook, and many already have accounts already. One of the changes is having special features for kids under the age of 18, getting adult’s permission, and restriction in sharing and seeing personalized ads. This is a good thing since children nowadays are so involved in social media and are learning some things that they are too young to be exposed to.
Facebook has a social responsibility to provide choices to their users, and they are doing their best to innovate Facebook especially in terms of privacy.

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