A Guide to Access Blocked Websites by Governments


Internet gives online users a freedom to search about anything in the world. However, this freedom doesn’t completely full and open access to anything and anywhere. Aside the freedom of users online, some governments strictly block certain websites or completely shut down internet network.
Why the Websites Blocked?
There are several reasons why websites get blocked you can’t access them. The most common case is the geo-restrictions. For example, when you are traveling to China, you can’t access Google and Facebook due to government’s restrictions to these servers. Or, you get limited access to Netflix when you stay in London. So, as long as you are in this country, you can’t access geo-blocked content.
Or, the institution is specifically put network restrictions to certain websites. For example, schools limit access to inappropriate websites for their students. Or, a company limits the connection to social media so the employees can keep focused on their works.
A Solution for Blocked Websites by Governments
When you can’t access blocked websites by governments, there is a solution you can try to go through the restriction. The best way is by using Virtual Private Network (VPN) services. What is the relation between VPN service and access government blocked websites?
The answer is very simple. When you are surfing online via PC, smartphone, tablet, or other platforms, the server you are requesting the data will know your rough location. How can? It is due to you IP address that attached to the device you use to access internet. So, when you access a website, the server will right away read your IP address to tell where you are roughly located at that time. The server can give certain contents accordingly to your geographic preferences. For example, when you are accessing the website from Japan, the internet will provide information in Japanese and the advertisement also follow based on your location. So, based on your location, the server may limit your access to certain websites following the government’s regulations.
So, how the VPN services later help you to access blocked websites?
Instead of using your IP address which gets limited access to the websites, VPN services give you alternative passageway to stay connected under the radar. VPN services have a worldwide access thanks to their global network of servers. When you are using their services like downloading their software, they will provide you a private access. You can choose a server location from any their network of servers that unblocked by the governments. VPNs will block your real IP address. Thus, the website servers will think you access from the server location, not your actual location.
VPN service is a great of option for privacy protection. Aside from able bypass website restrictions entirely, you can stay anonym when accessing any website. The VPNs will fully protect and keep your access private from government surveillance or hackers. The servers can’t see your location, content, and internet activity, also can’t trace you back.
In the market, there are a plenty options of VPN services. Wisely choose the one that the services worth of your money.

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